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  • Posted March 3, 2011 - Repulsion - So, you have your personal opinions of Roman Polanski, but one thing is for sure, his classic horror films, including Repulsion will remind you what a skilled, masterful genre craftsman he was.

  • Posted March 1, 2011 - Frozen - Proving that he's more than just a goofy goremonger, Adam Green's thrilling, scary Frozen will make you scared of everything in the known universe that you never found particularly frightening before.

  • Posted February 28, 2011 - Martyrs - Another long-overdue review...this time for Pascal Laugier's absolutely phenomenal, incredibly disturbing, and bitterly moving Martyrs.

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  • NEW - Posted March 23, 2011 - The Nihil Lounge - First Edition. A NEW Monthly column, featuring the very best genre Artists, toys, collectibles, memorabilia, and ephemera that you've absolutely got to have. Click h e r e to visit the Lounge.

  • Posted March 3, 2011 - The State of the Genre - First Installment. The very first posting in what will become a bi-monthly feature, examining the current State of the Horror Genre. Click h e r e to read.

  • Posted February 14, 2011 - The Victim - Trailer, Poster art, and director video interview for Michael Biehn's upcoming "modern grindhouse" flick, The Victim. Click h e r e to view.

  • Posted February 10, 2011 - Wake Wood - British Quad Poster Art, synopsis, and full Trailer for the upcoming theatrical release of Hammer Studios' Wake Wood (which looks very promising and very much in keeping with the classic Hammer gothic-horror tone)... Click h e r e to view.

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Ongoing Feature - Gallery of Vintage Horror / Exploitation Lobby Cards & Promotional Stills from the Private Collection of Matthew Dean Hill

...Lots on the horizon here at Atrocities Cinema, folks. A comparative analysis Let the Right One In and its American remake Let Me In, Tons of DVD Reviews including Deadgirl, House of the Devil, Let the Right One In and a handful of Roger Corman re-releases, including the classic Humanoids From the Deep and the gooey, ridiculous, and raped-to-death-by-a-giant-space-worm cult classic Galaxy of Terror, as well as George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead, the long-awaited followup to my "Toxic Movies" series of articles, and a brand new State of the Genre Address...stay tuned...

Coming Soon - Son of Toxic Movies

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