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Cannibal Holocaust Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
By Riz Ortolani
Released by Red Stream & Coffin Records
Review By: Matthew Dean Hill

Talk about your sought-after soundtracks! Riz Ortolani's haunting score for Ruggero Deodato's notorious Cannibal Holocaust has long been a fan favorite, and for good reason! The music is simply amazing. From the instantly recognizable refrains of the opening credits to the synth-driven droning that perfectly underscored the mayhem and violence of the film's most notorious sequences, Ortolani's music was an integral and vital part of Cannibal Holocaust's success as a horror film.

Red Stream & Coffin Records have finally made this beautiful score available for the masses, and let me tell you...this release doesn't disappoint. Every nuance of the score has been perfectly captured, and it's pretty much impossible to listen to this thing without visualizing what would be happening onscreen at very specific points in the score. Immediately after I bought this thing, I burned it to my trusty MP3 player, and I've listened to it nearly every day...whether in part or in its entirety...since then.

This is an absolutely essential CD for not only horror enthusiasts, but music enthusiasts, as Riz Ortolani demonstrates that he really knows his way around various styles and moods of music. The "Cannibal Holocaust Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" is available HERE and HERE.

Track List:

1. Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)
2. Adulteress' Punishment
3. Cameramen's Recreation
4. Massacre of the Troupe
5. Love With Fun
6. Crucified Woman
7. Relaxing in the Savana
8. Savage Rage
9. Drinking Coco
10. Cannibal Holocaust (End Titles)

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