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Harvest Ritual, Volume One
By Necrophagia
Released by Red Stream & Coffin Records
Review By: Matthew Dean Hill

Either you like horror-core metal or you don't, and Necrophagia is no exception. Some people just can't get into this kind of thing. Granted, Necrophagia is an acquired taste, and if your tastes in music run to the synthesized stylings of Yanni or the fluff-goth pop-angst of My Chemical Romance, then you're probably not going to find much to grab onto here. That said, Necrophagia has always had the gift of being able to capture the very aural essence of your favorite horror movies. "Harvest Ritual, Volume 1" is no exception. The album is a veritable treasure trove of horror-core staples such as: throaty/growly cacophanous wailing (courtesy of frontman Killjoy), screeching/grinding semi-melodic guitars, the occasional synth-driven creepfest ("Akumu", for example), and a plethora of sound samples from horror films (in this case, Amando Ossorio's Blind Dead films and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre are mined for their sonic potential), and lots of demonic/satanic imagery.

What we have here is a pretty shining example of what horror-core should be. As usual, Killjoy's growling vocals are searing and ferocious, and the guitars/bass/drums/keyboards aren't far behind. There's an urgency to the music, but it's clear that Necrophagia are working in the genre/style that they love most. Besides, any album that has a spoken-word song intro by Bill "Chop Top" Moseley is absolutely boss in my book.

"Harvest Ritual, Volume 1" is yet another great album from Necrophagia. If horror/death metal is your cup of blood, then you could do a hell of a lot worse.

Track List:

1. The World, The Flesh, The Devil
2. Dead Skin Slave
3. Unearthed
4. Cadavera X
5. London (13 Demon Street)
6. Return to Texas
7. Akumu
8. Stitch her Further
9. Excommunicated
10. Harvest Ritual

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