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  • Added February 14, 2011 - The Victim - Poster art, "Red Band" trailer and synopsis for Michael Biehn's upcoming "modern grindhouse" flick The Victim starring Danielle Harris, plus video interview with Michael Biehn! Click Here to View the News

  • Added February 10, 2011 - Wake Wood - Upcoming flick from the resurrected Hammer Studios that is giving me some old-school wood...Wake Wood, that is.
    The village of Wake Wood in rural Ireland has preserved a tradition which enables its inhabitants to bring a person back from the dead for three days, one year after their death, in order to say a final farewell to their loved ones, before they make their final journey to the spirit world.

    Patrick and Louise Daly have come to Wake Wood to take over the veterinary practice. They are relocating from the city to recover from the tragic death of their daughter. The couple can't have another child. They discover the ritual.

    Patrick and Louise ask if the villagers might bring their child back. The villagers agree to help but remind them that they can only have her back for three days and then she must return to the world of the dead. Patrick and Louise accept the rules, but when their child returns, they decide to keep her and break their agreement. The couple pay a terrible price for this transgression.
    Scroll down to the trailers and clips section for the awesome, atmospheric trailer. Bless you, Hammer, and welcome back to the fold!

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  • Added February 10, 2011 - Wake Wood Trailer - Courtesy of Hammer Studios

  • Added February 10, 2011 - The Walking Dead Season One trailer - Coming to DVD and BluRay on March 8, 2011

Trailers and Clips - Genre Classics

  • City of the Living Dead - Another Fulci favorite (Quicktime format, 27.2MB - Right Click, Save As or Click to Stream)*
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage - (Quicktime Format, 18.2MB - Right Click, Save As or Click to Stream)*
  • Zombi - Trailer for Lucio Fulci's classic (Quicktime Format, 14.5MB - Right Click, Save As or Click to Stream)
  • Mark of the Devil - Classic Exploitation Flick Trailer (Quicktime Format, 13.8MB - Right Click, Save As or Click to Stream)
  • Black Belly of the Tarantula - Classic Giallo Trailer (Quicktime Format, 13.9MB - Right Click, Save As)

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