The Nihil Lounge - Art, Toys, Collectibles, & Damnation - March 23, 2011 Edition

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Welcome to Atrocities's "The Nihil Lounge", showcasing the best, weirdest, most shocking, and most desirable in handmade fine arts, horror cinema and culture collectibles, and bizarre, eclectic stuff in general. Think of it as a catalog of all the grim art and objects that you want, that you need...that you crave...and that you desire. If it's something that you'd unhesitatingly commit four or more simultaneous Deadly Sins to obtain, you'll find it here.

In this month's (the first) edition of The Nihil Lounge, I'll be setting the tone for this monthly feature, hopefully giving you a taste for the types of featured products and artists that you can look forward to reading about.

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Artist of the Month - Daniela Fullam


Daniela Fullam (with some help from her husband, Justin) run She produces a dazzling array of hand-painted artwork, plush toys called "Pillow Goons", and more, all with a decidedly evil bent. The image above is an indicative sample, I think, of her work. From left to right, the pieces are the striking "She Rides" (acrylic on canvas), a pair of Pillow Goons named "George and Georgina", and the hauntingly beautiful (and aptly-named) "Ghost Girl" (acrylic on canvas). Much of her work is for sale at the website, and even better, she's ventured into the realm of custom work! She'll do a loving, scary painting of your whole ghoulish gang for just a few bones, and it'll be a gen-yoo-wine work of art that you'll be proud to hang above your Check out her site, and give her all the support you can! She's a great artist with a keen eye for the whimsy in the macabre, and she's a heck of a nice gal, as well! Note: I recently did a wonderful interview with Ms. Fullam, a full transcript of which will be available soon on the Interviews page, and will be linked her as well.

Things You Need...

This month's Things You Need range from the merely collectible, to the obtuse and decorative, to the realm of "holy shit, I've got to have that right now!" From left to right, we've got...
  • 1 - Living Dead Dolls' "Billy the Puppet" from the Saw films. Like 'em or not, the Saw franchise gave us a memorable and visually striking icon with "Billy", that creepy little Argento-esque puppet who's the harbinger of doom for dozens. Living Dead Dolls' take on "Billy" is a must-have, and is available from many sites, including Big Bad Toy Store. MSRP is $32.99 USD

  • 2 - Zombie Outbreak Barricade Tape - Mark off your territory, be it a crime scene, your office, or whatever else might need barricading with this bright yellow stuff. Available in twenty and two-hundred foot lengths for a pittance at T Shirt Bordello for $3.00 and $17.00, respectively.

  • 3 - One of the great under-appreciated horror cinema icons is Dr. Decker, as portrayed by David Cronenberg in Nightbreed. Here's a perfect replica of Decker's ridiculously-unnerving mask, lovingly crafted and hand painted by the freakazoids over at Silver Shampain. While it ain't cheap; it sells for $200.00 plus's worth every penny to own such a remarkable and disturbing piece of horror. And yes, the zipper is completely functional.

So kiddies...
That about wraps up this edition of The Nihil Lounge. Check back around the third week of every month to see more fantastic art and stuff you're absolutely dying to own.

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